Copy Editing

copy editing services DenverWhether you have a manuscript you want to self-publish or try the traditional route, or if you have any kind of writing that needs another set of eyes, you need a copy editor. I have loads of experience. I started my career working for a medical association then an engineering publisher where I honed my skills as an editor; later I moved on to edit more mainstream nonfiction as well as fiction. I’ve edited hundreds of manuscripts and I’ve worked with nearly as many authors over the years.

Why do you need an editor? Because you have invested a huge amount of time in your work and have read it so many times you probably can’t see straight anymore. At this point, it’s impossible to be impartial about your own work. That’s where I come in.

A good editor offers a fresh pair of objective eyes to refine your work, to remove ambiguities, to clarify the message, and to add polish. A good editor does all of this without removing your unique author voice. This happens to be where I excel.

If you are submitting a manuscript to a traditional publisher, a document that is well written, thoroughly edited, and properly formatted will be taken much more seriously than one that is not. Why risk rejection because you have skipped the necessary editing step?

If you are self-publishing, don’t let your compelling message get lost in a sea of sloppy writing that invites negative reviews on Amazon—and negatively impacts potential sales. Ensure clear, coherent writing that positively reflects on your—and your book.

Contact me about editing your manuscript. I am happy to edit a few sample pages free of charge so we can make sure our styles mesh.