self-publishing consulting DenverBefore I decided to focus the vast majority of my energies on writing, I was a publishing consultant. In fact, my career started in the publishing field, and I spent several years as managing editor for a trade publisher in the Denver area. Later, I went on to work with authors who had decided to self-publish. I even co-authored a book on the subject: The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition.

Although I am no longer in the business full-time, my love for the industry has not waned. I still work with a select number of clients who are self-publishing their books. Self-publishing can be a minefield, wrought with a plethora of landmines that are very easy to step on. I help authors navigate around the pitfalls that can cost them a lot of money—and risk their very reputation.

If you have considered self-publishing, you probably already have a lot of questions. For example:

  • Do I need an editor?
  • How do I get my cover designed?
  • Who can format my book?
  • Should I publish an ebook? A paper book? Both? Who can do this for me?
  • What is a vanity press?
  • Do I need an ISBN? How do I get one?
  • Will my book sell?
  • How do I market my book?

I can answer these questions—and the rest that you may have.

Don’t go it alone. If you are even thinking about self-publishing, let’s talk.