Using Social Media to Build Your Business, Part I 

Is your business looking for more leads? Better brand awareness? Engagement? Conversions? If you answered yes to any of the social mediapreceding questions, you need to have a social media presence, and developing that presence should be one of your first steps in creating a strategy.

Included in that umbrella term “social media strategy” are social networking sites, social new sites, blogs, real-time updates, and display ads. Each has its own value in terms of advertising your business and building relationships with customers and potential customers. For the purposes of this blog series, however, we are going to focus on three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


How to Attract Customers With Facebook

With some 1.35 billion users, Facebook is a social network where every business can connect with its audience. It can be a bit tricky, however, to build a following on Facebook–particularly as changes continue to be regarding who will see what you post. But there are some things you can do that should help.

Make sure you have a “like” button on your website. This makes it easy for people to like your page without even having to leave your website. Ideally, you want your readers to remain focused on your website when they are there, so having the like button makes it easy to do that–while still connecting with your Facebook page.

Include your page on your personal profile on Facebook. Add your business as your employer in your personal profile in the Work and Education section. This will make it simple for those you are connected with on Facebook to become a fan of your business page. This way your Facebook page will be connected to your personal profile link on your Facebook comments.

Suggest your page to your email contacts and your Facebook friends. Facebook provides these options under the “Build Audience” menu. It can be a bit time-consuming to do this as you can’t “select all.” But it is definitely worth it to go through the process.

Get involved in conversations on other relevant pages. You can participate in conversations and like other pages as your business page. This is an excellent way to get attention for your business in front of targeted audience. If you leave interesting comments, people will start looking at your page to learn more about you, and this will translate into additional “likes” from potential customers.

Try Facebook ads. Social media advertising can be tricky, but Facebook provides you a way to really target your audience with very specific demographics. You can also promote your posts using a budget you set (say, $10, $50, or whatever else you decided). Just remember that your goal is to reach as many people as possible who are your ideal customers.

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